Trade Publishing Marketing

One of the major drivers for the most successful of self-published e-books in recent years has been the US-based advertising e-mail list BookBub that informs its subscribers of discounted and temporarily free e-books. This has led others to launch similar services including the UK-based Book Hippo. Over the last year mainstream publishing houses have tapped into these lucrative marketing resources and now advertise their own books to give them sales and most importantly ranking boosts. It is ironic given its name of Indie Book Bargains that non-indie publishers are making use of that service. Since this article was written it changed its name to Book Hippo

Before Christmas I found out through them that a bundle of all five books in Douglas Adams' Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy was available on Kindle for £1.99. It is published by Tor, one of the biggest names in science fiction and part of Macmillan, which is one of the English speaking world's five biggest publishing concerns. Yesterday David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks was advertised by its publisher Sceptre, which is an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton, in turn part of Hachette, another of the five biggest publishing concerns in the English-speaking world. The Bone Clocks had been hovering a little below the 1000 mark overall in the UK Kindle Store, but after being advertised for 1.99 on Indie Book Bargains it now rests at #63 and is #1 in the Science Fiction category and #12 in Literary Fiction.

Note that when I receive these e-book bargain e-mails I always check to see if a similar or lower price is available on other retailers. This impacts on the e-mail list as they then lose their affiliate fee for the sale on Amazon, but I like to support the non-Amazon aspects of the industry, such as Google Play, Kobo, and Nook. In general, though, I end up buying on Amazon's Kindle Store as the offer is usually best there. In the case of both these books the offer was only available on the Kindle Store, which shows the desire to use Indie Book Bargains to boost their books sales on the UK Kindle Store.

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