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‚ÄčThis rolling news article is a permanent resource for announcing forthcoming publications by Mercia McMahon. Brexit in Context on the historical context to the UK vote to leave the European Union has been pushed back to an April or May 2017 publication date. I'm afraid that my writing schedule continues to be disrupted by long-term health problems. The focus will then turn to volumes 2 and 3 of the Fumetsu Cycle, a non magical fantasy set in an alternate feudal era Asia.

Release Order

Fumetsu Cycle anticipated late 2017

Turning Points in Irish History anticipated late 2018

SQLite as a Writing Tool anticipated very late 2018 or early 2019

Book Details

Fumetsu Cycle

Preserving Eternity was planned as a trilogy of short novels called the Fumetsu Cycle, but that trilogy will now be written as one long novel. It will also switch from a first person perspective to a third person one, which means that the Preserving Eternity section of the novel will be substantially re-written. The story of Preserving Eternity will remain the same, but it will be written from a narrator's point of view rather than that of the individual characters. The revised project is likely to appear in late 2017. The title of the new book is still under wraps.

Turning Points in Irish History

An examination of some key turning points in Irish history that continue to have repercussions today. Scheduled for late 2018.

SQLite as a Writing Tool

SQLite is an SQL (Structured Query Language) database system that lies at the heart of most smartphone apps, but can also be used as a small footprint database for writers, researchers, and students. Published 2018 at the earliest.

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