MMMporium publishes books across a range of genres in fiction and topics in non-fiction, as well as poetry. Currently it only publishes books by the business owner Mercia McMahon. On this page you can find details about what each publication. Clicking the cover images will take you to the book's page on Amazon via a link connected to MMMporium's Amazon Associate account.

Brexit in Context

An examination of the reasons why the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016. Primarily focused on the historical context since 1945.

Seattle in Shorts

A novel about dealing with the shadows of the past in 21st century Seattle.

Speaking of Men

The Tower of Babel is re-imagined from a female perspective. This is neither history nor theology. This is humour with a political edge.


Creative non-fiction critique of the international press regulation campaign waged in the week between the death and the funeral of Lucy Meadows.

Mistimed Youth

100 protest poems written by Mercia McMahon in her teenage years in Belfast 1982-1984. They deal with political unrest in Northern Ireland, nuclear warfare, conventional warfare, global inequalities, and corrupt political leadership.