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You may have clicked a link for a specific article or come from a search engine and are surprised to be at this main page advertising MMMporium books. is no longer a repository for all MMMporium or Mercia McMahon websites,but has returned to be about Mercia McMahon's publishing business MMMporium. If you enter a link that no longer exists you are delivered to this main page rather than being given an unhelpful error page. For help in finding the article that you are looking for use the Old Links button above for the new location for the article or the nearest equivalent if that article no longer exists.


Brexit in Context has been delayed until late May or June 2017.

Preserving Eternity has been withdrawn from sale as the planned trilogy of short novels is to become one long novel. It will also switch from a first person perspective to a third person one, which means that Preserving Eternity will be substantially re-written. The story of Preserving Eternity will remain the same, but it will be written from a narrator's point of view rather than that of the individual characters. The revised project is likely to appear in 2018.

MMMporium ebook pricing has been made consistent across all four books still available for sale at £4.99 or $6.99US. That pricing change is part of the reason for removing Preserving Eternity from sale and turning it into a larger text. Seattle in Shorts and Speaking of Men will remain as short novels, while the short stories Forgiveness and Make my Joy Complete have been withdrawn from sale, but may reappear some year as full length novels.

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These articles are aimed at businesses like MMMporium involved in self or small scale independent publishing. The articles are more like encyclopedia entries than blog posts in that they will be updated as the industry changes.


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