Forthcoming Publications

‚ÄčThis rolling news article is a permanent resource for announcing forthcoming publications by Mercia McMahon. A book on the historical context to the UK vote to leave the European Union will be published on 20 February 2017. The focus will then turn to volumes 2 and 3 of the Fumetsu Cycle, a non magical fantasy set in an alternate feudal era Asia.


Declining Eternity

Declining Eternity is the sequel to Preserving Eternity (2015) and continues the story of the rebellion by the younger members of an immortal race, who live among mortal races. It is the second volume of a planned trilogy in this alternative East Asian feudal fantasy The Fumetsu Cycle. Expected publication date Spring 2017.

Restoring Eternity

Restoring Eternity is the the concluding volume of The Fumetsu Cycle trilogy. Expected publication date Summer 2017.



A book exploring the issues and ramifications of the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union, but primarily focusing on its historical and social contexts. To be published 20 February 2017.

Irish History

An examination of some key turning points in Irish history that continue to have repercussions today. Scheduled for late 2017.


Drupal Web Design

A book explaining at a non-technical level how the Drupal content management system is a better option for web content writers than rivals such as WordPress. This book is currently mothballed while the future direction of Drupal remains uncertain.

SQLite Database

SQLite is an SQL (Structured Query Language) database system that lies at the heart of most smartphone apps, but can also be used as a small footprint database for writers, researchers, and students. Probably will not be published until 2018.

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