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MMMporium is the publishing name for author Mercia McMahon's business. This site promotes her books and her other business ventures.


If you came to this site expecting to see an example of Mercia McMahon's use of Drupal unfortunately you are too late as none of her sites use Drupal anymore. See the next news item for more details.

This MMMporium website has returned to being a HTML/CSS website in line with the rest of the MMMporium stable of websites. For details on why Drupal and the book Mercia McMahon was writing about it see the article on her author website.

The articles on the publishing industry that previously appeared on this website have moved to the Mercia McMahon author website.

Brexit in Context was published on 30 June 2017.

Preserving Eternity remains on sale, but the planned trilogy has been abandoned. Instead the story will be rewritten in third person past perspective and published as a single volume. The story of Preserving Eternity will remain the same, but it will be written from a narrator's point of view rather than that of the individual characters, which will necessitate a few scene alterations in order to accommodate the move away from first person present perspective. The revised project is likely to appear in late 2017 or early 2018 and Preserving Eternity will remain on sale for those wanting to read the original version of the first third of the story.



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